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Compatible Minecraft Plugin APIs

  • Bukkit/Spigot/Paper (>=1.12)
  • BungeeCord/Waterfall
  • Velocity

Compatible Permission Mods

One of the following permission mods is required to enable the group-sync between VyHub and Minecraft:


Standalone (Bukkit/Spigot/Paper)

  1. In VyHub open the Add Server dialog in the Server settings and create the server.
  2. Click on the Setup button of the server and follow the instructions.
  3. Optionally, adjust the config files to your needs.

Proxy (BungeeCord/Velocity/Waterfall)

  • The simplest way to set up VyHub within a proxy network is to create only one server and let every server use the same api-key.
  • It is also possible to group some backend-servers into other serverbundles. This brings the advantage to specify different rewards/commands for different servers. We then recommend hiding the backend-servers from users using the hidden option in the server settings. This will hide servers from the players view.

!Important! It is necessary to take care of data consistency with UUIDS.
- BungeeCord/Waterfall: set ip_forward and bungeecord options to true
- Velocity: use modern forwarding set proxies.velocity.enabled and to true. Set proxies.velocity.secret to match the forwarding.secret of your Velocity proxy.

When using the same VyHub server_id for the backend servers and the proxy, make sure to set the is_backend_server option on your backend_servers to true. Then servers will not send their online players anymore, your proxy will take care of this.

Group Sync

Group-Sync is deactivated when no permission-mod is found

User groups are automatically synced. For this to work correctly, the serverbundle must be in multigoup: enabled mode.

VyHub group names can be mapped to in-game groups at the Advanced Properties tab in the group settings.

Bans and Warnings

Bans and Warnings are synced between servers within one serverbundle.

When using a proxy network: When all backend servers are in one serverbundle, bans are global.


For Minecraft, the following types of rewards are supported:

  • COMMAND: Executes a console command on the server

Available replacements

The following string replacements are available for rewards:

  • %user_id%: The VyHub user id
  • %nick%: The players in-game nickname
  • %player_id%: The players minecraft UUID
  • %player_ip_address%: The players IP address
  • %applied_packet_id%: The id of the applied packet
  • %packet_title%: The title of the packet
  • %purchase_amount%: Total amount with currency of the purchase. For example 30 EUR. If packet was applied without purchase: -.


  • /timeban <player> <minutes> <reason>: Ban a player for the specified time.
  • /warn <player> <reason>: Warn a player
  • /vylogin <token>: Login to the VyHub website with a given token
  • /vh_config <key> <value>: Set a config option
  • /vh_setup <api-key> <api_url> <server_id>