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Affiliate and Partner Program

VyHub offers an affiliate partner program. Anybody can join the partner program.

Potential Partners

The following partners are usually well suited to become part of our affiliate program.

  • Game server hosting companies
  • Game community lists
  • Gaming new sites with technical focus

You can be completely creative in your advertising for VyHub, but some methods have been proven more successful than others. Here is a short list of potential ways of advertising:

  • (Technical) Blog entries with backlink
  • News articles with backlinks
  • (Video-) Tutorials
  • Youtube, Instagram, TikTok shorts / reels
  • General backlink to our website

At the end of this document you find some example banners you can use.

Affiliate Commission

You as an affiliate will receive an uncapped commission of 25% from each payment, the referred user makes with us. Users pay for:

  • Recurring VyHub instance cost Payments to settle the shop-commission
  • Payment for premium add-ons
  • Other VyHub services

Schematic Explanation

This diagram explains what part of the payment you receive.

Affiliate Schematic

Balances in Your Partner Dashboard

  • Current Balance: this money is ready to be paid out. You can create a payout.
  • Pending Balance: this money is money that your referred user is obliged to pay us or already has paid us. We then need to run some validity checks. Afterwards, the amount is credited to your total balance.
  • Total Paid: this amount has already been paid out to you
  • Registered Users: the number of users who have registered through your affiliate link


You can create a payout after your total balance is greater than 5€.
Payouts are processed manually, so it might take a while to pay out.

Payout Methods

  • VyHub Balance to use on VyHub products and services
  • Paypal
  • Bank Account (IBAN)

Transaction Fees

The affiliate will bear all potential transaction costs


Here are a few banners you can use for your affiliate purposes. Feel free to create your own.


Here are our logos in high-quality you can use for your affiliate purposes.