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Setup VyHub Cloud

This is the quickstart guide for VyHub Cloud. For additional information about how to use VyHub, check out the Guide section of the docs.

Get your VyHub Instance

Using VyHub for your gaming community is as easy as a few clicks are.

  1. Create your account on
  2. Go to the Dashboard and click Create Instance.
  3. Fill out the required details. See instance guide for more information.
  4. Click Submit.

Your VyHub instance is usually created within a few minutes. Your instance is ready as soon as the status changes to Provisioned. You can find the status by visiting the instance details page.

Open your VyHub Instance

Congratulations you can now connect and login to your VyHub instance under the domain you have chosen in the installation process. You can find the frontend URL on the details page of your instance.

All further steps are accomplished within the settings panel of your VyHub instance

Connect your Gameserver

One of the first things to do is to connect your gameserver with VyHub.

Each gameserver is organised in a serverbundle.
All servers within a serverbundle are from the same type (e.g. GMOD, Minecraft, Discord)

  1. (optional) Navigate to the Server settings and create your serverbundle.
    We are going to choose the default group for new users in this bundle later.
  2. Now it's time to connect your server, which is done in the same settings menu.
    Follow the displayed instructions.
  3. Install the fitting gameserver addon to your server. You can find it on this page in the "Game Integrations" section. (For example Garry's Mod or Minecraft)

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You can now create all the user groups that you want.

Memberships in a user group are scoped to a serverbundle.

  1. Navigate to the Group settings and create your group.
  2. The permission level is used to decide which users can be targeted by a member of the group
    • e.g. A user with permission level 42 can't target another user with the level of 99.

A group has properties to control the user right management and access control.
Additional to properties, admins have all permissions. More admins can be added on

  1. Now edit the created group, switch to the Properties tab and choose all needed properties.
  2. At the Mappings tab, you can map the VyHub group to an in-game group.
  3. Go back to the Server tab, edit your serverbundle and choose a created group as default group.

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Payment Gateways

Payment gateways (e.g. Paypal, Stripe) available for your customers can be added in the Payment Gateway settings.

You need to provide the VyHub instance with the payment providers secrets. These secrets can be obtained directly from the payment provider after creating an account with them.

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For correct taxation of your sales, tax rules for your target countries must be created.

In the General settings of the shop, you can decide whether or not buyers from countries where no tax rule is specified are allowed to use your shop.

To provide the correct tax information go to the Tax settings.

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A reward may execute some action after a packet has been applied to a user.

Create a reward in the Reward settings.

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Your created packets are available for purchase in the shop.

Packets are ordered within categories. Categories are created in the Category settings.
A price is set in the Payment tab.

Do not forget to select the rewards the user receives after purchasing the packet.

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Customize your Community

VyHub is customizable for your needs.
Try changing the theme in the theme settings or start creating your own pages in the navigation settings.

You can set the community name in the General settings.

Congratulations you are all set up!