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VyHub allows you to monetize your Discord server. It is possible to sync groups between VyHub and Discord.

Read this guide first to enable Discord authorization.


  1. In VyHub open the Add Server dialog in the Server settings.
  2. Get your Guild ID and enter it as the servers address
    • In Discord, open the server settings, go to Widget and copy the guild id Discord Role Permissions
  3. Create the server
  4. Click on the Setup button of the server.
  5. Click on the Add button to add the Bot to your Discord server.
    • If the button is not working, create an application first
    • The link can also be created manually:{discord_application_id}&permissions=268438545&scope=bot
  6. Make sure the bot has the ability to change roles.

    • In Discord, open the server settings.
    • Go to Roles and drag and drop VyHub Bot above groups you want to have synced. Discord Guild Id

    For higher security do not allow the bot to sync admin groups.

Group Sync

User groups are automatically synced.

VyHub group names can be mapped to server/in-game groups at the Mappings tab in the group settings. Please pay attention to capitalization.

It is possible to use "role names" or "role ids" in the mappings


The discord bot can send notifications about Bans / Warnings / Purchases.

  1. Setup the Discord bot by following the steps above and use the following commands directly in Discord.
  2. Use command /enable_notifications to enable notifications by specifying the channel where to send notifications to
  3. channel argument is required.
  4. The other arguments are optional and allow you to set specific channels for different notification types.
  5. [Optional] Use the command /configure_notifications to configure the message layout of the messages sent by the bot.

Available Configuration Options

  • Different channels for each notification type
  • Enable / disable each notification type independently
  • Set embeds title and description for each notification type independently

Available Variable Replacements

  • {username}
  • {reason}
  • {length}
  • {serverbundle}
  • {packets}
  • {purchase_amount}
  • {frontend_url}
  • {issuer} (Bans and Warnings only)
  • {ticket_title} (Tickets only)


Problem: Roles are not synced with Discord.

Solution: Make sure roles have the exact name as provided to VyHub (Capitalization / Whitespaces...) and that the VyHub role has higher permissions than other roles. Also have a look in the logs, the Discord errors might help, when the bot can't connect to the Discord API.

Problem: Notifications don't appear, even though I set up the notification channel.

Solution: Make sure the bot has the required message write rights in the chosen channel.