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Download vyhub-fivem-?.?.?.zip fitting to your version here:

Compatible Mods

  • ESX


  1. In VyHub open the Add Server dialog in the Server settings and create the server.
  2. Click on the Setup button of the server and follow the instructions.
  3. Optionally, adjust the config files to your needs.

Group Sync

User groups are automatically synced. For this to work correctly, the serverbundle must be in multigoup: disabled mode.

VyHub group names can be mapped to in-game groups at the Advanced Properties tab in the group settings.

The group sync can be disabled in sv_config.lua.


  • /dashboard: Open server dashboard (with bans and warnings)

  • Commands are configurable in config/sv_config.lua


For FiveM, two types of rewards are supported:

  • COMMAND: Executes a console command on the server
  • SCRIPT: Executes a Lua script on the server

Available replacements

The following string replacements are available for both types of rewards:

  • %id%: The players server/source id
  • %user_id%: The VyHub user id
  • %esx_name%: The players in-game ESX character name
  • %nick%: The players FiveM nickname
  • %steam_id%: The players steamid
  • %applied_packet_id%: The id of the applied packet
  • %packet_title%: The title of the packet
  • %purchase_amount%: Total amount with currency of the purchase. For example 30 EUR. If packet was applied without purchase: -.

Dashboard, Bans & Warnings

The dashboard can be opened with the dashboard command.

On the dashboard, bans and warnings can be seen, edited and created.


  • VyHub.API:{get,post,patch,delete}(...): Use VyHub API

Console Commands

The console commands can only be used in the server console.

  • vh_ban <license> <minutes> <reason>: Ban a player
  • vh_unban <license>: Unban a player
  • vh_warn <license> <reason>>: Warn a player


Broken Bans/Unbans

Problem: Every few seconds the server tries to send a ban to VyHub, but the ban data is malformed, which causes the request to never succeed.

Solution: Delete the file data/ban_queue.json.