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Source (RCON)

This integration can be used with SRCDS servers that support the Source RCON Protocol.

Supported Games / Servers

All games that implement the Source RCON Protocol are supported.

  • Counter Strike: Source
  • Counter Strike: 2
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Half Life 2
  • Many more...


  • Shop / Donation Store
  • Server Dashboard
  • Server Status


  1. Create a serverbundle for the server type SOURCE in the settings
  2. In the Add Server dialog in the Server settings, supply the RCON password and create the server


For Source (RCON), only these rewards are supported:

  • COMMAND: Executes a console command on the server

Available replacements

You can find the available replacements here.


If something does not work as expected, check the VyHub log.