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The property system is responsible for managing access permissions and more.

Every group has a set of properties that are applied to a user if the user is a member in the group. Some component (like warnings, bans) will also check if the user has the required property in a specific bundle.

Example: A user needs the ban_show property to see bans for a bundle. The user can only see the bans of the bundles, where it has the property applied (by a group membership).

For most functions, it is enough to have the required property in only one serverbundle.

Default Properties

It is possible to assign users with default properties. Users (also non-logged-in) inherit the properties from the serverbundle default_group.

Default properties also apply to non-logged-in users.

Example: Every user can display serverbundle specific bans, when the serverbundle's default group has the ban_show property.

Negative / Negated Properties

Currently, three negative properties are used to implement the website ban feature. The properties are shop_use, ticket_create, forum_post. When these properties are negative, users can not do the respective things.

Additional infos for developers

The features below are not yet implemented in the web UI and may be overwritten when editing a group via the web UI.

You can add custom properties via the API if you want.

There is also an advanced feature which allows to add negative (granted set to false) properties. A negative property from one group overwrites a positive property from another group and results in the user not having the property.

It is also possible to apply a value to a property.