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General Settings

Attribute Description
Default Currency The default currency of the shop. Also used for the donation goal.
Credits Display Title Define your own name for the payment method credits. Can be anything you like (gulden, diamonds, hearts, ...)
Enable Donation Goal Display donation goal (displayed on startpage - "News")
Donation Goal Actual value for the donation goal
Enable Top Donators Display top donators (displayed on startpage - "News")
Donation Goal / Top Donators Display Title Title displayed on the startpage for these two widgets.
Invoice Logo URL URL to a logo image that is shown on the invoice
Purchases from countries without tax rule If enabled, purchases from countries where you did not define a tax rule are possible
Tax included in packet price Instead of adding taxes to the specified packet price on top, they are included in the price.
Checkout Checkboxes Checkboxes which have to be agreed to during checkout
Business Address Address of server owner / business (is displayed on invoice)