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In the navigation settings, it is possible to change the navigation bar, the footer and the help menu. It is possible to change the links, add new links or create own pages.


Attribute Description
Title Title of navigation link
Sublink This allows to create dropdown menus.
Enabled Affects the visibility of navigation link
Required Property [Optional] Specify a property which controls the visibility of the link
Icon [Optional] Icon prepended to title
Type Type of navigation link (link / html content)
URL (link only) Internal link or URL to other website
CMS Page (html content only) Related CMS Page

Enable / Disable Navigation

Navigation Links can be enabled / disabled by pressing the edit button.
Set the checkbox enabled and confirm.

External pages can easily be linked by adding a new navigation link with the type of external link.

Html Pages

You can create custom HTML pages which also support Javascript. The type of the navigation link has to be html content.

Drag and drop the navigation links in the order you want them to be in.
Confirm with pressing the update nav order button.