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Released: 2024-07-10


  • [API] Fix paysafecard integration not working when using certificate auth
  • [WEB] Add option to hide statistic widgets on the shop page


Released: 2024-07-03


  • [WEB] Fix editing rewards in non-advanced mode not possible
  • [WEB] Improve CMS edit dialog
  • [WEB] Fix navigation links pointing to the same domain but other subdomain
  • [WEB] Improve FIVEM setup and reward templates
  • [WEB] Fix some form elements sometimes not saving data correctly


  • Released version 2.2.0
    • Add support for QBCore and FiveM vanilla
    • Further improvements
    • Breaking: The reward string replacement %esx_name% has been renamed to %char_name%


Released: 2024-05-07


  • [API] Fix creating/editing memberships took too long with many registered users
  • [API] Update Discord server status on restart
  • [Web] Smaller improvements


Released: 2024-05-01


  • [API] Improve performance of user groups and permissions (everything should be faster now)
  • [API] Add more replacements for HTTP rewards (%user_type% and %user_identifier%)
  • [API/Web] Add support for Source RCON servers
  • [API/Web] Add option to limit rewards to specific servers
  • [API/Web] Add support/feedback form to settings
  • [Web] [Forum] Improve forum admin feature
  • [Web] Fix regex of HTTP links
  • [Web] Smaller design improvements and more in-line help


Released: 2024-04-03


  • [API] Add translated emails
  • [API] Reduce notification/email interval from 10 to 5 minutes
  • [API] Fix wrong access control check in /v1/user/address/{uuid} endpoint
  • [API/Web] Add group protection option
  • [API/Web] Improve first steps guide
  • [API/Web] Allow selfhosted frontend when using VyHub Cloud
  • [Web] Improve some icons
  • [Web] Smaller visual improvements and bugfixes

Garry's Mod (vyhub-gmod 2.0.5):

  • Fix changing of a players group not always working
  • Fix problem with too long ban time
  • Add proper error message when language files are missing
  • Remove color tags before printing to server console


Released: 2024-03-26


  • [API] Improve performance of Discord and Ts3 bot
  • [API/Web] Add option to delete users (Beta)
  • [API/Web] [Forum] Show avatars in reactions list
  • [Web] [Forum] Correctly show admin badge for forum admin groups
  • [Web] Show new vh_setup command for GMOD servers
  • [Web] Correctly reload user after removing update status
  • [Web] Update translations

  • Add as available subdomain for VyHub instances


Released: 2024-03-13


  • [API/WEB] Add option to enable an alternative shop view (list view within a category)
  • [API/WEB] Add option to show a news text on the shop page
  • [WEB] [Forum] Remove delete button from first post
  • [WEB] [Forum] Fix reactions not working in some special situations
  • [WEB] Small design improvements
  • [WEB] Fix editing packets sometimes not working in advanced mode


Released: 2024-03-10


  • [API] Update supported stripe version to 2023-10-16
  • [API/WEB] Add option to make comments viewable for the user
  • [API/WEB] Add new add-on for branding removal
  • [API/WEB] [Forum] Add option to configure admin users for a topic
  • [API/WEB] [Forum] Add group label to users posts
  • [API/WEB] [Forum] Add forum statistics to the user dashboard
  • [API/WEB] [Forum] Add last forum activities to user dashboard
  • [API/WEB] [Forum] Deleting of posts is now allowed (when edit_post setting is enabled)
  • [WEB] [Forum] Improve responsiveness of Forum
  • [WEB] Fix "new users" widget not working correctly
  • [WEB] Improve dashboard design


Released: 2024-02-25


  • [API] GET /user endpoint now is paginated
  • [API] GET /user can now sort by last online date
  • [API] GET /user now only returns users that match the query
  • [API] Improve mail sending
  • [API] Fix forum addon not correctly disabled
  • [API|WEB] Show non-secret payment gateway attributes
  • [WEB] Add dedicated search page
  • [WEB] Add default images for shop categories and packets
  • [WEB] Improve user quick-search
  • [WEB] Improve quickstart guide
  • [WEB] Fix profile menu not shown on small screens
  • [WEB] Add instruction video for minecraft login
  • [WEB] Smaller visual improvements

Update notes:

  • The GET /user endpoint now returns a paginated result which may breaks existing implementations. (Only relevant for custom API integrations)


Released: 2024-02-13


  • [API] Fix problems with mails being sent multiple times
  • [API] Heavily improve server dashboard performance
  • [API] Heavily improve ban performance
  • [API] Add regular sync of steam user data
  • [WEB] Improve layout of the property chips in the group settings


Released 2024-01-22


  • [WEB] Open credits history when clicking on credits in header
  • [WEB|API] Limit length of forum thread


Released 2024-01-16

VyHub now support Ark Survival Ascended (ASA)


  • [WEB|API] Add Ark Survival Ascended to VyHub


Released 2023-12-25


  • [API] Fix problem with gameserver requests being rate limited (code 429)
  • [API] Performance and stability improvements


Released 2023-12-21

VyHub now supports 7 Days To Die


  • [WEB|API] Add 7 Days to Die support to VyHub


Released: 2023-12-15


  • [API] PayPal: Fix subscription payments (broken due to a PayPal API change)
  • [WEB] Correctly hide servers widget on mobile when no servers are configured
  • [WEB] Refresh servers widget when news page is loaded

Update notes:

  • It is HIGHLY recommend to install this update if you are using PayPal Subscription Payments


Released: 2023-12-12


  • [WEB] FiveM: Change displayed login command to /vylogin


Released: 2023-12-12


  • [WEB|API] Add option to edit warnings
  • [WEB|API] Add option to delete tickets
  • [WEB|API] Add option to hide servers
  • [API] Add Discord notification after new ticket
  • [API] Add issuer option to Discord notifications


Released: 2023-12-08


  • [API] Fix PayPal (Easy) payment gateway not using correct cart packet prices
  • [API] Fix problem with applying packets when the packet should upgrade itself


Released: 2023-12-06


  • [API] Fix pending stripe subscription payments are not processed if the according option is set
  • [API] Fix applied packet directly disables itself if configured so
  • [WEB] Fix purchase status translation error


Released: 2023-11-24

VyHub self-hosting (on-prem) is out! You can now host VyHub on your own server.


  • [API] Disable steam login when no steam gameserver is configured
  • [API|WEB] Use category names instead of ID's in categories
  • [WEB] Open login dialog when adding packets to cart and not logged in
  • [WEB] Homepage builder: headlines in dark-mode
  • [WEB] Homepage builder: Add ability to open custom header links in new tab
  • [WEB] Sort servers in server status alphabetically
  • [WEB] Add account overview to cart


Released: 2023-11-19


  • [WEB] Enable Rust dashboard
  • [WEB] Improve navigation settings (Navigation sublink icons and title)
  • [WEB] Redirect from /home to /news when page-builder is disabled


Released: 2023-11-14

VyHub now supports Rust.


  • [API] Add PayPal (easy) payment gateway
  • [WEB|API] Add support for Rust


Released: 2023-10-22


  • [API] Show user logs and comments also for all linked users
  • [WEB] Small visual improvements


Released: 2023-10-12


  • [WEB] Fix color menu shown behind the design sidebar
  • [API] Ability to handle precreated servers through partners


Released: 2023-10-05


  • [WEB] Fix generation of commands that are shown for Minecraft server setup
  • [WEB] Disabled categories are no longer shown on category page


Released: 2023-10-05


  • [WEB|API] Add option to limit top-donators to a specific timerange (e.g. show the top donators of the last 30 days)
  • [WEB] Fix an issue where Add Post button in forum was not shown
  • [WEB] Improve the horizontal scroll bar and fix an issue where the scroll bar was not shown on Chrome
  • [API] Fix an issue with the last-purchases widget where not only the last purchases where shown


Released: 2023-09-29


  • [WEB] Fix an issue with account linking
  • [WEB] Fix the displaying of forum threads
  • [WEB] Add the option to use the default header in the page-builder


Released: 2023-09-26


  • [WEB] Update frontend design (UI) and user experience (UX)
  • [WEB|API] Add homepage builder
  • [WEB|API] Add forum reactions
  • [WEB|API] Add forum labels
  • [WEB|API] Improve user linking

FiveM (v2.0.0)

  • Add FiveM support to VyHub

Minecraft (v2.0.0)

  • Move /login command to /vylogin
  • Improve user registration when server is set to offline mode

Update notes:
- The Minecraft Plugin must be updated to be able to work with the new /vylogin command
- The new homepage builder is disabled by default. You can enable it in the theme settings


Released: 2023-08-12


  • [API] Discord: Improve error handling and add better logging
  • [API] Improve sending of emails
  • [API] Fix subscription cancellations were not working since 1.5.12
  • [WEB] Fix failing permission check on server dashboard
  • [WEB] Smaller design improvements


Released: 2023-08-04

  • [WEB] Fix bug when adding a group was not possible due to advanced settings mode
  • [WEB] Fix bug when editing navigation-sublinks
  • [WEB] Improve design of recommended packets in cart
  • [WEB|API] Add restart button for Teamspeak integration
  • [API] Improve Teamspeak startup and logging


Released: 2023-08-01

  • [WEB|API] Add recommended packages to cart view
  • [WEB|API] Add ability to ban people from website using negated properties (shop_use, forum_post, ticket_create)
  • [WEB|API] Add ability to set custom name for the credits
  • [WEB|API] Add ability to set custom images for payment-gateways
  • [WEB|API] Add advanced mode
  • [API] Send abandoned cart follow-up mail
  • [API] Improve server-dashboard performance
  • [WEB] Improve translations

Update notes:

  • Some options are now considered advanced. Activate the Show advanced settings option to see them again.
  • Website bans: the website ban group needs to be added manually. Just add it and give it the respective negative properties (advanced_settings_mode must be enabled)


Released: 2023-07-17

  • [WEB] Raise max HTML character length
  • [WEB|API] Add HTTP-Rewards


Released: 2023-07-16

  • [WEB] Fix edit forum post

Released 2023-07-13

Minecraft (v1.5.1)

  • Fix creation of config-file after startup
  • Add BungeeCord support
  • Add Velocity support


Released: 2023-07-10

  • [WEB|API] Support for custom CSS
  • [WEB] Improve team-page when avatar is not found

Minecraft (v1.5.0):

  • Add support for Bukkit/Spigot/Paper versions from 1.12+ with Java 8+
  • Remove strict LuckPerms requirement (Only disable group-sync, when LuckPerms is not found)
  • Add internationalization


Released: 2023-07-05

  • [WEB|API] Add option to prohibit users from creating threads in topics
  • [WEB|API] Threads without posts are now displayed in frontend as well
  • [API] Fix creation of bans with game-plugins under some circumstances


Released: 2023-07-04

  • [WEB] Fix forum thread view when logged in under some circumstances
  • [API|WEB] Add requirement set tester to test requirements sets against users
  • [API] Improve handling of requirement sets when no formula or wrong formula is set


Released: 2023-06-25


  • [API] Change default currency to EUR
  • [API] Disable "all packets" option when creating a discount with packets specified
  • [API] Fix GExtension group import
  • [API] Improve E-Mail template
  • [API] Various performance improvements
  • [API|WEB] Add option to unlink accounts (for admins)
  • [API|WEB] Add option to add Google Analytics tag
  • [API|WEB] Fix problems with theme colors
  • [Web] Add beginner guide
  • [Web] Fix group form
  • [Web] Fix user/ban comment spacing
  • [Web] Fix forum thread view when not logged in
  • [Web] Improve mobile view of home/news page
  • [Web] Improve mobile view of log page
  • [Web] Improve server dashboard
  • [Web] Improve "no data" message
  • [Web] Improve link user dialog

Garry's Mod (v1.5.1):

  • Performance improvements
  • Add options to limit execution of reward scripts/commands
  • Add options to disable ban/group sync

Update notes:

  • vyhub-gmod v1.5.1 disables the execution of Lua script rewards by default. Script execution can be enabled in the sv_config.lua or by executing this command in the server console: vh_config reward_disable_scripts false
    • Script execution will be kept enabled if sv_config.lua is not replaced during update


Released: 2023-06-14


  • [API] Discord: Remove bot started log message
  • [API] Discord: Improve error handling
  • [API] Sync Discord/Ts3 groups on first login
  • [WEB] Discord: Add button to restart bot
  • [WEB] Fix button to edit a users credits was not visible
  • [WEB] Fix ban details could not be seen when not logged in
  • [WEB] Improve mobile view of new users


Released: 2023-06-10


  • [API] Fix creation of bans under some circumstances
  • [WEB] Show groups on user dashboard at all time


Released: 2023-06-09


  • [API|WEB] Add maximum ban length property to groups
  • [WEB] Add in-game purchase notification to reward templates


  • Add chat notifications. All settings regarding the chat notification are done through Discord by interacting with the bot.


Released: 2023-06-05


  • [API] Fix creation of groups
  • [WEB] Fix select all property btn on group creation


Released: 2023-06-04


  • [API|WEB] Rework Logs. Logs are now saved on a dedicated logging-server and are better tagged.
  • [API|WEB] Add user and ban comments
  • [API|WEB] Add further and improve existing shop statistics
  • [WEB] Add reward presets. Presets can be used out of the box are may inspire your own rewards.
  • [WEB] Improve FAQ design

Teamspeak Integration:

  • Use additional ssh query port field for connection to server.
  • Use existing port to create the connection link on the homepage.

Update notes:

  • Due to the restructuring of the logs, old logs are not available in the UI. Old logs can be downloaded at the bottom of the logs page.


Released: 2023-05-12


  • [API|WEB] Add ability to add rewards to already applied packets.
  • [WEB] Add embed video functionality to editor (only for admins)
  • [WEB] Fix field to remove image-url of packets


Released: 2023-05-07


  • [API] Improve performance of ban and warn endpoints
  • [WEB] Fix removing of nav icons not working
  • [WEB] Fix open graph tags for high available instances


Released: 2023-05-06


  • [WEB] Add ability to specify external ban-protest URL
  • [WEB] Shop: Add option to show packet title over packet image
  • [API] Add GET /ban/{uuid} endpoint
  • [API] Add GET /warning/{uuid} endpoint
  • [API] Fix user attribute history missing entries for days without value in some cases
  • [API] Fix missing translations for invoices
  • [API|WEB] Make serverbundles sortable
  • [API|WEB] Update translations


Released: 2023-05-02


  • [API] Fix number of top-donators returned by API
  • [WEB] Add ability to specify number of top-donators for widget
  • [WEB] Add ability to search for users using SteamID32
  • [WEB] Add ability to set open graph tags for instance

Update notes: - There is no migration for your community description and favicon - Please set them to your desired values in the settings manually.


Released: 2023-04-24


  • [API] Fix notification mails
  • [WEB] Add top-donator widget
  • [WEB] Add ability to specify custom text for donation goal and top-donator widgets
  • [WEB] Improve responsiveness of header

Garry's Mod:

  • [Server] Improve HTTP error messages


  • [Server] Fix error for new players and on VyHub user creation

Update notes:

  • The following game integrations can be updated:
    • Garry's Mod -> v1.4.2
    • Minecraft -> v1.4.1


Released: 2023-04-09


  • [API] Forum: Fix post count
  • [API] Fix error when trying to delete a serverbundle with existing warnings
  • [API] Fix team page

Garry's Mod:

  • [Client] Fix server dashboard icons
  • [Server] Fix error for new players and on VyHub user creation
  • [Server] Smaller improvements

Update notes:

  • The following game integrations can be updated:
    • Garry's Mod -> v1.4.1


Released: 2023-04-05



  • [API] Add DELETE /user/{uuid}/membership/by-group endpoint: Remove a group membership of a user by using a group id
  • [API] Improve search for log entries
  • [API|Web] Add new add-on: Forum
  • [API|Web] Add Teamspeak integration
  • [API|Web] Add translated invoices
  • [API|Web] Add option to buy packets for other users
  • [API|Web] Improve reordering of shop packets
  • [API|Web] Discord: Add option to use role-ids in group mappings
  • [Web] Add option to duplicate packets
  • [Web] Add discount code generator
  • [Web] Add option to select all properties when creating / editing groups
  • [Web] Add pagination for the payments of a purchase
  • [Web] Add secondary color
  • [Web] Improve table colors for bans, warnings, tickets and on the server dashboards

Update notes:

  • Important: Our terms of service have changed to reflect the changes in the pricing of instances. Therefore, the next time you extend your instance, you need to agree to our new terms of service and privacy policy.


Released: 2022-12-29


  • Fix invoice generation not working sometimes
  • Fix navigation sublinks sometimes not deletable
  • Stripe: Add more payment gateways
  • Stripe: Add more payment gateways for subscriptions


Released: 2022-12-20


  • Display exact amount when showing the donation goal progress
  • Make new server API keys to use the integration_token property
  • Regulary check for new subscription payments
  • Fix 500 error that could happen when creating a membership
  • Fix legal page not working on a new instance
  • Fix footer and page title not working on first visit of the webpage
  • Rework GeoIP
  • Update translations

Garry's Mod:

  • Fix warning reason not correctly transmitted when using the in-game dashboard
  • Fix problems with ply:SetUserGroup when no admin addon is used
  • Improve some console messages


Released: 2022-12-04


  • Fix problem where ban-protests could not be created


Released: 2022-11-26


  • Fix problem with new navigation settings (making changes was not possible)
  • Improve design of navigation settings

Garry's Mod:

  • Add german translation
  • Fix loading problem of in-game dashboard

Update notes:

  • Important: Due to a problem with the latest update, the admin menu in the navigation is visible for all users. To fix this, go to the navigation settings, edit the admin menu entry and insert admin_menu as required property. This problem only occurs when the instance has been upgraded from 1.2.x to 1.3.0.


Released: 2022-11-23


  • Improve navigation settings by allowing to create sub-menus and by limiting access with requirement sets.
  • Make it possible to add navigation links to footer and help-menu
  • Fix icon picker

Garry's Mod:

  • Add warning/ban dashboard for Garry's Mod (!dashboard)
  • Make it possible to translate on More parts will be translatable soon.
  • Improve ban/warn messages

Update notes:

  • If you have used custom navigation links in the past, they will be resetted to a default value.
    • Your custom HTML pages won't be lost, but they need to be linked again.
  • The following game integrations need to be updated:
    • Garry's Mod -> v1.3.0


Released: 2022-10-22

  • Improve packet images and titles
  • Only display serverbundles on the home page that contain servers
  • Fix error when importing GExtension statistics
  • Fix paysafecard certificates


Released: 2022-10-09

  • Add easier server setup process
  • Add packet subcategories
  • Add support for custom packet price
  • Add option to include tax in packet price
  • Add option to limit coupon usages by user
  • Add option to accept pending stripe payments
  • Add support for two packet relations: Disable, Upgrade
  • Add option to execute reward again if the packet gets extended (e.g. by a subscription payment)
  • Add string replacements for packet name and purchase amount
  • Add support for client certificate auth for paysafecard API (experimental)
  • Add option to download all invoices in a given timerange as ZIP
  • Show how often a coupon has been used
  • Fix problems with Mojang API
  • Fix credit refund
  • Small design improvements
  • Several bugfixes

Update notes:

  • The following game integrations should be updated:
    • Garry's Mod -> v1.2.0
    • Minecraft -> v1.2.0


Released: 2022-08-27

  • Support stripe API version 2022-08-01
  • Rework serverbundle tokens (introduce new integration_token property which contains all required properties)
  • Hide customer address by default during checkout
  • Improve better handling for unreachable steam API
  • Improve error handling for Minecraft auth requests
  • Fix refunding a purchase was not possible in some cases
  • Improve french translations

Update notes:

  • The following game integrations should be updated if not already the case:
    • Garry's Mod -> v1.1.5
    • Minecraft -> v1.1.3


Released: 2022-08-10

  • Add ban protests
  • Make it possible to set color for header and footer
  • Make it possible to ban players by steamid in Garrys's Mod
  • Finish reserved slots in Garry's Mod

Update notes:

  • The following game integrations need to be updated:
    • Garry's Mod


Released: 2022-07-31

  • Fix coupon payment requests cannot be deleted


Released: 2022-07-26

  • Fix credit history view of other users
  • Improve first start guide
  • Smaller bugfixes


Released: 2022-07-19

  • Add minecraft integration
  • Add adverts
  • Add URL to get to a users dashboard by its in-game id, see user.
  • Allow deletion of payment gateways, packets and purchases
  • Add server details dialog
  • Fix notification mails
  • Fix problem with pending PayPal payments
  • Make it possible to format packet descriptions
  • Several bugfixes

Update notes:

  • The following game integrations need to be updated:
    • Garry's Mod
  • Serverbundle API keys need to be regenerated


Released: 2022-06-17

  • Add server dashboard (current online users)
  • Add FAQ system
  • Add last online for users
  • Add ability for manually adding credits to users and see credit history
  • Add support for free packets
  • Add support for PayPal subscriptions
  • Make it possible to add multiple memberships at once (for multiple bundles)
  • Improve property picker
  • Improve error messages
  • Improve redirect after login
  • Smaller fixes

Update notes:

  • If you used PayPal in the past, you need to add the webhook id in the settings. Follow the guide.
  • The following game integrations need an update:
    • Garry's Mod


Released: 2022-05-04

  • Group mappings can no be created without a serverbundle (mapping is then valid for all bundles)
  • Fix discord bot creating too much invitations
  • Update translations
  • Smaller fixes

Update notes:

  • The permissions of the Discord bot changed. Either remove and re-add the bot to your server or add the "Manage channels" permission to the bot role.


Released: 2022-04-25

  • Add new group mapping feature
  • Prepare Minecraft support (the Minecraft integration has not been released yet!)
  • Improve user data sync
  • Readd Discord integration. Please read the docs
  • Improve rate limiting (higher limits for server API tokens)
  • Add support for other languages (added French, German, Spanish)
  • Further bugfixes

Update notes:

  • Group mappings have to be recreated. There is no automatic migration from the old server_group.
  • The following game integrations need an update:
    • Garry's Mod


Released: 2022-04-17

  • Add Discord integration (login, group sync and server status)
  • Add option to set default currency
  • New instances now get a random theme
  • Fix purchase cancelling always causes a notification
  • Fix PayPal not working in production mode
  • Fix cancelling stripe payments not working
  • Fix error when having packets with different currencies in the cart
  • Fix external links not working on mobile
  • Bugfixes

The following game integrations need an update:

  • Garry's Mod


Released: 2022-03-14

  • Add E-Mail notifications
  • Fix linking accounts not working sometimes
  • Bugfixes


Released: 2022-03-06

  • Bugfixes


Released: 2022-03-05

  • Add coupon payment gateway
  • Add ability to see/edit/delete applied rewards
  • Improve tickets overview
  • Improve performance
  • Restructure shop
  • Several bugfixes