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Attribute Description
Name Name of group
Permission Level Used to determine the ability to target other users
Max Ban Length [Optional] Max length of bans the user can create
Color Display color of group on VyHub and gameservers
Is Team Whether the group will be shown on the team overview page
Properties Permission management and access control for functionalities
Negative Properties [Advanced] Negative properties to ban palyers from your website
Mappings Mappings from VyHub groups to server/in-game ranks/groups/roles

Group Mappings

Group mappings are essential for the synchronization of groups on your servers. With them, you can specify which VyHub group belongs to which server group(s).

A group mapping consists of two parts:

  1. Serverbundle: The group mapping is scoped for this serverbundle. Leave empty to make the mapping valid for all bundles.
  2. Name of group/rank/role: The name of the group/rank/role on your server.


Imagine that there are two serverbundles: One for Garry's Mod and one for Discord.

  • We want that users that have the Admin VyHub group in the GMOD serverbundle should receive the superadmin in-game.
  • Additionally, users that have the Admin VyHub group in the Discord serverbundle should receive the Owner role on the Discord server.

We go to the Mappings section of the Admin VyHub group and create two mappings:

  • One for the GMOD serverbundle with superadmin as group name.
  • One for the Discord serverbundle with Owner as group name.


With memberships, users can be assigned to a group in a serverbundle for a specified amount of time.


Attribute Description
Begin Begin of membership
End End of membership (empty if unlimited)
Serverbundle Serverbundle of membership
Group Group on which the membership is applied


Memberships can be added by clicking on the Add button on the User Dashboard in the group section.


Memberships can be edited by clicking on the Edit button on the User Dashboard in the group section.
All memberships belonging to a group can also be found in the Group settings panel.