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Requirement Sets

Requirement sets are used for advanced requirements to limit access to an action or a certain resource.

Usage of Requirement Sets


Attribute Description
Name Unique name to identify the set
Formula Formula, which is going to be evaluated

Add / Edit

Requirement Sets and Requirements can be added and edited through the designated Requirements page.


Attribute Description
Type Type of requirement
Operator Operator of requirement
Key Relation to other resources (e.g. Packet-id)
Value Desired value (permission level 42)

Available Types

This list gives an overview of all available types with their respective operations

  • Group member (EQ, NEQ)
  • Permission level (EQ, NEQ, LEQ, GEQ, LT, GT)
  • Permission level within a specific serverbundle
  • Property (HAVE, NHAVE)
  • Property within a specific serverbundle
  • User Attribute (EQ, NEQ, LEQ, GEQ, LT, GT, HAVE, NHAVE)
  • Date (EQ, NEQ, LEQ, GEQ, LT, GT)
  • User-Self (NEQ, EQ)


With the formula multiple requirements can be chained together. A logical formula can be created.

Requirement Set Tester

You can test the evaluation of requirement sets against any user. Choose a user and you will see the result instantly.


There are 3 requirements with the IDs 0, 1 and 2 and you want to make the requirement set evaluate to true if requirement 0 and one of requirements 1 and 2 are fulfilled.

For this the formula 0 & (1 | 2) would be correct.

Example Use Cases

Requirement Sets can be for example used for the limitation of access to custom HTML pages. This way only players who have bought a certain packet or have a certain rank (e.g. VIP) can access the page.

Forum: Create a “Team-Only” Part of the Forum

This is an easy use case for the requirements. The goal is to limit the access to one part of the forum to team members only.

  1. Create a moderator group (no special rights are necessary for this tutorial)
  2. Create a requirement set and name it "ModeratorAccess"
  3. Edit the "ModeratorAccess" RequirementSet and add click the "Add Requirement" button
    3.1 Select Type "Groupmember"
    3.2 Select Operator "= Equal"
    3.3 Select your "moderator" group
  4. The requirement is now added and has the ID 0
  5. Type the necessary formula which only consists of the ID 0 (Formula: 0)
  6. Go to the forum and click the "Manage Topic Category" button
    6.1 Name the topic category like you want
    6.2 Select the "ModeratorAccess" requirement set

Congratulations! The newly created topic category is now only accessible by users which are part of the moderator group