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Custom Domain

Read this guide for further information on how to use your own domain with VyHub.
You do not need to use your own domain, we offer you a free domain (e.g.

  1. Buy your own domain at a domain name registrar of your choice (e.g. Namecheap*)
  2. Set the domains CNAME record to the corresponding VyHub url

Set-up service

You want to personalize your VyHub website with a custom domain? But you do not have a domain, or you do not want to go through the technical hassle?

We have got you covered with our custom domain set-up service. We will buy and manage all the upcoming hassle for you for just (15€ + the cost of your domain) per year.

Send us a simple message including your desired domain and the keyword domain-set up service to

You can find your favorite domain using the Namecheap domain finder.

Buy your own domain using Namecheap

A domain name is the name of a website (like or

In this guide we will use Namecheap*, which offers good prices and is one of the biggest registrars in the world.

Choose your desired domain name, add to cart and checkout

Enter a domain name Enter a domain name and check for it's availability

Add to cart Add to cart and follow the checkout process

You do not need to add any of the "recommended packages" namecheap offers.

Set the domains CNAME record

You need to set the CNAME record to our servers, that you can reach VyHub with your domain.

Please search and follow the tutorials on how to set the CNAME record provided by your registrar.

Caution when using Cloudflare: You need to set the proxy status to DNS only. Otherwise, the CNAME will not work.

Some guides are linked below:


Find the CNAME value Find the value on the instance details page

Setting the CNAME with a domain

Follow this guide* provided by namecheap.

  1. Sign in to your Namecheap account
  2. Select Domain list on the left
  3. Click the Manage button next to your domain
  4. Navigate to the Advanced DNS tab
  5. Click Add New Record in the Host Records section
  6. Select CNAME Record
  7. Enter the CNAME value from your instance in the Value column
  8. Enter Host value
  9. Root Domain (e.g. | Value: @
  10. Subdomain (e.g. | Value: shop
  11. Click the Save All Changes button

Debugging with the CNAME checker

You set your CNAME, but the instance is still not loading? Please check whether the values shown on your instance page match up with the values in the CNAME-checker

  1. Use the CNAME-checker linked in the instance details of your VyHub instance
  2. Check whether the values match up (next two screenshots) Get the values Check the values in the CNAME checker

The values match and it is still not loading? Contact us!

Further help?

Watch our Youtube video, use our setup-service or contact us.

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