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Adverts are messages that are printed in the server chat on a regular basis. The interval can be changed per server in the configuration file of the game integration.


Attribute Description
Title Title of the advert, not shown to users.
Content The content that should be printed to the chat. Multiple lines allowed.
Enable If the advert is enabled or not.
Color The color of the advert message. Not supported by Minecraft.
Serverbundle The serverbundles where the advert should be shown.

Text Colors

It is possible to change the text color within the message. by using color tags.

Example: This is white. <green>This is green.</green> <red>This is red.</red>

Available colors are:

  • red
  • green
  • blue
  • yellow
  • pink


In Minecraft, additional colors can be used by using the ยง notiation.

See Chat Codes here.


The interval is the time between two adverts. The interval can be change in the config file of the game integration.


A prefix is printed before every line. The prefix can be changed in the config file of the game integration.