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Bans are targeting a user in one specific serverbundle. Bans across all serverbundles are also possible, by leaving the serverbundle field blank.


Attribute Description
User Targeted user
Reason Reason for the ban
Length [Optional] Length of the ban (empty for lifetime ban)
Serverbundle [Optional] Serverbundle the ban is targeting (empty for global ban)

Add / Edit

Bans can be added and edited through the designated Bans page.

Ban Settings

You can find further ban configurations in the settings.

Attribute Description
Ban Protest URL [Optional] Target URL when user protest a ban


Users can create ban protests for active bans. By default, Ban protests are shown as a ticket. There can only be one open protest and a maximum of three total protests per ban.
You can set a Ban Protest URL in the settings. Instead of creating a ticket, users are redirected to this site.

The button is disabled, when the Ticket-System is disabled and when there is no Protest-Ban URL set.

Max ban length

You can assign a maximum ban length to groups. A user can then only create bans of the length the maximum ban length property of the group with the highest permission level.

Website Bans

Players can be banned from your VyHub website as well. Just add them to the Banned (Website) group. The group prevents users from using the shop, creating tickets and posting in the forum. The 3 relevant negative properties are shop_use, ticket_create, forum_post.